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Posts tagged "car accidents"

State patrolman slams into Beavercreek motorcycle without slowing

A shocking dashcam video has been released showing an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper apparently not slowing down at all before slamming his cruiser into a motorcycle, seriously injuring the couple who was riding it. The motorcycle accident occurred on Aug. 17 on westbound U.S. 35, but the video was not immediately released because the Greene County prosecutor wanted a grand jury to see it before the public.

Ohio prom season approaching: Enforcement campaign targets teens

Never heard of the Ohio Investigative Unit (OIU)? Chances are that most Ohioans haven't, although a number of state teens and other young people might be gaining some close-up familiarity with that body within the next couple months.

The ongoing distracted driving debate: A need for harsher exactions?

The story of a teen-aged girl in Utah who was recently struck while walking by a man who was texting and said by police to be driving while drunk is serving as yet another reminder of the ravages wrought by distracted and even mindless driving on the nation's roadways. Luckily, the girl survived, although a number of surgeries await her. The driver took his eyes off the road for an estimated two seconds and was two words into his text when the accident occurred.

Evolving anti-crash technology: Double-edged sword?

The widely accepted notion about new safety features and vehicle enhancements is that they are drastically improving driver and passenger safety. And there's plenty of evidence to suggest that: Safety advancements such as anti-lane drift technology, rear-view cameras, emergency brake assists and others have been designed in hopes of preventing thousands of car accidents every year.

In ranking states' car safety laws, Ohio is about a "C"

A recent release of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 2012 brought the largest increase in traffic fatalities seen since 1975. This alarming trend brings an abrupt end to a decade-long decline in deaths resulting from car accidents and leads some to wonder whether lawmakers have put traffic safety programs on auto-pilot.State and local governments regulate traffic safety for the most part, so fatality statistics vary by state. The non-profit Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety recommends that all states adopt, at a minimum, 15 standard laws that have been proven to reduce motor vehicle crashes.

Gaining traction: DUI court programs for repeat offenders

Ohio and a host of other states have DUI courts, and that instrument for addressing problem drinking and the heavy toll that drunk drivers exact in serious and often fatal car accidents is a growing phenomenon that is steadily gaining traction in jurisdictions across the country.

Ohio Toyota owners part of landmark class action settlement

Toyota Motor Corp has closed the largest remaining chapter in a lengthy saga following a number of reported vehicle defects and recalls. To address the mass of potential claims attached to roughly 16 million Toyota vehicles throughout the United States, including in Ohio, the Japanese automaker has agreed to a settlement of $1.1 billion dollars.