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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Car accidents: Family has grounds for claim after fatal crash

Losing loved ones in automobile crashes is naturally traumatic for the surviving family members, and the financial consequences typically exacerbate the suffering. The civil justice system provides for their right to pursue recovery of damages after car accidents that were caused by the negligence of others. An Ohio family appears to have grounds for such a claim after a recent tragedy that led to the death of a teenager.

Car accidents: Horse-drawn buggy struck by car, 3 teens injured

Vehicle operators in Ohio need be extra vigilant when traveling because they may unexpectedly come upon a horse-drawn buggy. Because of the slow speeds at which these carts travel, car accidents involving them are quite common. One such a crash recently sent three teenagers to a hospital.

Car accidents: Drugs suspected in crash causing serious injuries

When crashes cause serious injuries to motorists in Ohio, investigators do what they can to determine the cause and the identity of the party or parties believed responsible. Some car accidents take longer than others to investigate, especially when drugs or alcohol use is suspected. Waiting for toxicology results can further delay the process.

Car accidents: 4-car crash on I-270 kills 1, injures 2

Learning about the death of an Ohio motorist in a crash that was caused by another driver is surely traumatic for surviving family members. If it's learned that the deceased driver was the innocent victim of a seemingly negligent driver, the trauma may well be exacerbated. The sad fact is that car accidents occur all over the country, and virtually everyone traveling our roadways faces the risk of suffering injury, or worse.

Costs of amputations caused by car accidents are recoverable

Catastrophic injuries typically have life-altering consequences -- not only for the victim but also for that person's loved ones. If, for example, a limb is lost, the victim's home and vehicle might have to be modified to accommodate his or her new physical limitations, and he or she might never be able to return to work. Such injuries are often the result of car accidents, and the negligence of one Ohio driver can change the life of another in the blink of an eye.

Car accidents: Ohio driver and passenger critical after crash

Vehicle operators in Ohio will always be responsible for the safety of their passengers. When passengers suffer injuries in car accidents that involve no other vehicles, the drivers might be liable for damages sustained by the passengers. However, for such a claim, there must be evidence of negligence on the part of the driver.

Sobering numbers reinforce the need for improving highway safety

From statistics compiled nationally to those collected by state agencies, an accurate and often disturbing picture develops of highway fatalities and how they come about. The numbers are recorded each year, and we can see certain trends.

Car accidents: 3-car crash claims life of 1 passenger

Barely a month into the New Year and the first fatal crash occurs in Darke County, Ohio. The sheriff's office reported that this was one of those car accidents in which one driver's alleged negligence may have caused the death of a passenger. Deputies say the fatal accident occurred on U.S. 36 on a recent Tuesday evening.

Car accidents involving buggies often result in fatalities

There will always be additional challenges in areas of Ohio where automobiles and buggies share the roads. Car accidents involving buggies often result in fatalities or serious injuries. A recent fatal accident in Northern Ohio underscores the tragedy that can occur when buggies and cars collided.