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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Fatal Fire Truck Crash Case May End Up in State Supreme Court

In our preceding blog post (April 12), we informed readers of a recent accident in Massillon, a town about 50 miles south of Cleveland. Excessive speed was a primary factor in a car crash there that killed one occupant in a vehicle and left two others -- both ejected from the car -- lucky to be alive and with only minor injuries.

High-Speed Car Accident Kills Ohio Teen, Injures Two Others

There is no finger pointing or recrimination in the wake of a tragic car accident that took the life of one teen and injured two others last week in Massillon, about 50 miles south of Cleveland. There is only sadness and the hope expressed by one person with close involvement to the accident that young drivers take heed of its facts and consequences and learn something from it.

Not Everyone is on Board with Vehicle Driving-Enhancement Tools

Just as motorists in other states across the country are doing, drivers in Ohio, too, are increasingly embracing new vehicle technologies that are emerging to help distracted drivers improve their odds of survival while on the road. The makers of these products stand by their wares and claim that they are working, stating that highway fatalities and car accidents are going down as on-board employment of high-tech voice-activated and other systems is increasing.

AAP to Parents: Keep Young Kids in Rear-Facing Seats Longer

In the realm of deadly car accidents involving infants, the last word would seemingly end with Sweden: The country requires that children sit in the back seats of vehicles in age-appropriate seats that face the rear, with the result that it has the lowest motor vehicle fatality rate in the world involving accidents with kids under the age of six.

Multiple Serious Injuries in Montville Township Two-Car Collision

The Ohio State Highway Patrol ("OHP") and local police continue their investigation into a two-vehicle car accident that occurred in the early evening hours last Saturday in Montville Township. OHP reports indicate that five people were seriously injured when one vehicle collided with another at the intersection of U.S. Route 6 and state Route 86. Crash investigators state that, despite the severity of the collision, there were no fatalities at the accident site.

Tragic Consequences in Toledo Multiple-Vehicle Collision

A tragic motor vehicle accident that occurred this past Wednesday afternoon on a Toledo highway serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that are ever-present on Ohio roadways and the need for drivers to be vigilant at all times.

Drag racing teens in Ohio face charges

While drag racing may be portrayed in the media as a legitimate pastime for young people, two teenage boys from the Cincinnati, Ohio, area have learned the hard way that the sport can have serious consequences. The two 16-year-old high school students have been charged in connection with an accident that left two of their classmates injured.

Improving Outcomes for Car Drivers in Rear-End Truck Collisions

Car safety has progressively improved upon many fronts over the past decades, from the advent of seat belts to greater stability and rollover-prevention features. Collectively, the increased safety features have contributed to saving many thousands - if not millions - of motorists' lives across the country.

Prominent Alzheimer's Doctor Killed in Hit and Run

A professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and world-famous Alzheimer's disease researcher was killed in a car accident December 19. The man in the other car, who fled the scene, also was found dead near the scene.