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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Ohio Report: Onus on Buyer to Check Used Car Recall Issue/s

When Clarence Ditlow says that, "This is an accident waiting to happen," the Executive Director for the Center for Auto Safety is not referring to a drunk driver about to get into his or her car or a hazardous road condition that increases the risk of car accidents.

Ohio Jury: Vehicular Homicide Verdict in Car Accident Case

A Licking County courtroom in Newark was the venue in which a final outcome was reached last Friday in the legal resolution of a tragic car accident that occurred slightly more than three years ago near the city of Pataskala.

Ohio House Passes Anti-Texting Bill; Senate Must Now Act

Thirty states and Washington, D.C., have a texting-while-driving ban that it is believed serves as a strong deterrent to irresponsible behavior and greatly reduces tragic outcomes from car accidents and roadway fatalities.

Cincinnati-Based Accident Prevention Program to Expand Nationally

Saying that, "We were seeing a disproportionate number of African American and Hispanic children coming into the hospital with severe crash-related injuries," Dr. Rebeccah Brown of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center was part of a team that created a safety program called Buckle Up for Life in 2004 that centers on reducing injuries to this young and vulnerable group in car accidents.

Small Car Crash Test Results: Manufacturers are Stepping Up

David Zuby, chief research officer for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ("IIHS"), notes that "the laws of physics always are in effect for cars." Given that scientific immutability, and all else being equal, a driver and his or her passengers will always fare better in a car accident if they are riding in a larger as opposed to a smaller vehicle.

Ohio a Top-10 State for Costs Related to Crash-Related Deaths

Everyone knows that the human costs associated with the many thousands of car accidents and other motor vehicle crashes occurring across the country each year are truly tragic.

Kids, Car Accidents, Child Restraint Systems: The Yale Study

Findings from the Yale School of Medicine that will be presented at the upcoming Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Denver might reasonably be expected to focus on the rather erudite and clinically centered information that customarily features at such peer gatherings.

Ohio AG, Peers Call for Curbs on Blast, a Sugary Alcohol Drink

Ohio public officials and regulators are perhaps experiencing a bit of déjà vu as they contemplate Blast, a new alcoholic beverage manufactured by Pabst Brewing Company. Late last year, Ohio banned the sale of Four Loko -- a caffeinated malt liquor beverage -- within the state, and it may now just do the same with Blast.

What Young Motorists Most Need to Learn -- and Early

You know all those bans and taboos associated with teen drivers, i.e., those proscriptions that most adult drivers know intuitively are well-placed when it comes to curbing car accidents involving new and inexperienced drivers? The list is bandied about with great frequency, recited by everyone from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to researchers linked to myriad traffic safety studies. It includes no talking on cell phones, no texting, limits on the number of passengers and a host of other "nos" -- in short, its aim and intended reach is no distractions while driving, period.