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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Does expanding hours for alcohol sales increase car accidents?

A sure-fire way to start an impassioned debate is to broach the subject of increasing state revenues by raising taxes on alcohol sales and/or expanding the hours during which establishments with liquor licenses can sell alcoholic beverages.

In Ohio, autumn brings increased number of car-deer collisions

A current debate in Solon is centering on something not often considered by city residents, namely, this: whether the city should soon implement a sharpshooter culling program and pilot crossbow hunting program to reduce the presence of deer locally.

No-texting-while-driving bill currently before Ohio Senate

Ohio House Bill 99 bans texting while driving and will become law if it passes the Ohio Senate and is signed by Gov. John Kasich. Thirty-four other states have already enacted such legislation , based on strong and sobering empirical evidence that many thousands of fatal car accidents are caused in the United States each year by people texting, reading or otherwise being distracted while driving.

Rural car crashes a sobering concern for Ohio traffic officials

Ohio State Highway Patrol ("OSHP") statistics indicate that close to half of all fatal car accidents that have occurred so far this year within a five-county region of the state -- Montgomery, Miami, Greene, Butler and Warren -- took place in rural areas. There have been 60 fatal crashes within the region, with 28 occurring on non-interstate roads. Last year, 54 of 96 traffic fatalities that occurred in the Miami valley were on rural roadways.

ODOT Study Examines Teen Start-of-School-Year Car Crash Data

Between August and October each year, especially in the early morning hours, and particularly around 7 a.m. there is a recurring constant throughout Ohio: car accidents with teen drivers behind the wheel.

Safety Group Urges Core Accident-Reduction Strategies: Ohio's Laws

If Ohio was to be assigned a grade relating to its support for and adherence to core safety recommendations enumerated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as a means to reduce car accidents and traffic-related fatalities, it might be a "C."

Future Anti-Accident Vehicle Technology in Ohio, Across the Nation

If you're driving along in Ohio and see a smart-looking new vehicle in an adjacent lane, you might be surprised to find out just how truly "smart" that automobile is. Technological changes in the form of on-board safety features designed to help drivers avoid car accidents are inundating the automotive industry, cheered along at every new developmental juncture by government regulators and safety advocates.

Psychological Testing, Gene Evaluation as Prerequisites for Driving?

Ohio traffic officials and safety experts, along with their counterparts throughout the rest of the country, focus on improving the safety environment as the primary means for reducing car accidents and safeguarding motorists' lives. The emphasis is on improved road construction and engineering, logical signage, stronger and more stable vehicles, as well as laws mandating seat belt use and seeking to minimize distracting behaviors in the car, such as talking on cell phones and texting.