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Posts tagged "car accident"

City of Columbus to pay $1.25 million for pothole car accident

The City of Columbus, Ohio, has agreed to pay an accident victim $1.25 million to compensate him for the injuries he sustained because of poor road conditions. The victim's lawsuit alleged that large potholes that the city failed to repair were a major contributing factor in the collision between his bicycle and a car that left him paralyzed.

Ohio drivers, peers nationally: Note fake air bag concerns

Drivers in Ohio and across the country might want to rack their brain to recall whether they have had new air bags replaced in the past few years. According to warnings issued by federal safety officials, those air bags could be counterfeit and subjecting drivers and passengers to serious risk in the event of a car accident.

Town stunned by car accident death of Cleveland Clinic officer

Residents of Willoughby, Ohio, are absolutely shocked by the loss of a notable member of their community as the result of a tragic motor vehicle accident. A 32-year-old Lake County police officer was driving on a residential street when he was caught up in the car accident, which prematurely claimed his life.

Car crash deaths from street racing concern authorities nationally

Despite being outlawed, drag racing continues to be a recreational activity among thrill-seeking drivers across the nation, including in Ohio. And although it is not often seen making headlines, the recent death of a college professor and her two-year-old daughter has illuminated the serious car accident risks taken on by these drivers.

Ghost bikes: keeping alive the memory of bike-car crash victims

Just as crosses are often used to mark the places where motor vehicle passengers were killed in a car accident, so are bicyclists finding their own unique memorials. In Ohio and across the United States, modest memorials known as "ghost bikes" are being set up at bike-car crash sites to remember the riders who were killed in transit.

Videotape emerging as investigatory tool in vehicle/bike crashes

In the heat of a car accident or near-accident, many bicyclists are too frazzled and concerned about their safety to take the time to memorize vehicle license plates or other identifying features of vehicles. But even as some bicyclists continue to struggle to receive the respect they deserve on public roadways, an inventive tool is helping them defend their right-of-way.

New fatal crash data: So far, 2012 "disappointing" nationally

Motor vehicle safety experts are pleased with their efforts to improve safety features in vehicles to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities, and for good reason: Car accident fatality rates have been consistently in decline for much of the past decade.

Of note to Ohio 2013 Ford Escape owners: dual recalls

Ford's new Escape model SUV has been hit with a second recall since its release last month, this time amid concerns that weak fuel lines can crack and spill gasoline, creating potentially deadly engine fires and spiking car accident risks. The recall only applies to Escapes with 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engines.