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Posts tagged "car accident"

Sudden-acceleration litigation could soon include Ohio plaintiffs

Most readers will likely remember all too well the fallout suffered by Toyota Motor Corporation in recent years relating to so-called sudden acceleration problems affecting many of its vehicles. Widespread personal injury and wrongful death litigation resulted from the claims of thousands of motorists that their vehicles sped up summarily and without warning.

In memoriam: Ohio and Texas towns grieve for teen accident victims

Ohio's worst motor vehicle accident in more than three years and, reportedly, the deadliest car accident in Trumbull County in its history, continues to be investigated in the wake of what transpired near Warren early last Sunday morning.

Volvo invents first air bag for pedestrians struck by cars

An engineer from Swedish auto maker Volvo first came up with the idea of the 3-point seat belt, the integrated lap and shoulder harness now standard in all vehicles. Now the company is focused on mass production of the world's first pedestrian air bag, designed to deploy on the outside of a vehicle within a second of sensors noting contact with a human leg.

Trucking advocacy group, safety organization spar over crash data

There's a war of words going on, although most members of the general motoring public in Ohio and elsewhere across the country likely know little or even nothing about it.

Buyer beware: What you might not know about some cars being sold

Consumer beware: Your recent car purchase may be harboring some neglected recalls. A new study completed by the vehicle-history website Carfax has found that more than two million vehicles were put up for sale online in 2012 despite featuring unrepaired safety recalls. Since plenty of cars are sold offline, though, the actual figures in Ohio and across the country could be much higher.

Many motorists simply don't drive safely around large trucks

Many motorists get uneasy when driving in the presence of 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. But according to new driver safety data, the risks don't necessary lie in the commercial vehicles themselves, but rather how other cars behave around them.

CDC: Drowsy driving is truly dangerous and commonplace

A new report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that one in 24 American drivers admits to having fallen asleep behind the wheel within the past month of being surveyed. Drowsy driving is a dangerous driving behavior that can significantly increase a person's risk of being involved in a car accident.

New car crash test results turn more than a few industry heads

The new crash safety test being implemented by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is creating some shock waves among automakers and their customers due to surprising test results that are challenging prior notions of the safety of various models.

Autonomous cars well developed; safety research needs fine tuning

As tech giant Google continues to test its self-driving vehicles on various states' highways, the final hurdles to complete safety and vehicle autonomy are coming under the microscope. Most regulators consider autonomous vehicles to be the next evolutionary step in personal transportation, and a revolution that will reduce traffic deaths in the United States. A number of tech-based safety features have been integrated into vehicles in the last few years, and car accident fatalities in Ohio and nationally have declined for six straight years.