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Posts tagged "car accident"

Study on designated drivers revealing on several fronts

As was widely reported in news outlets in recent months, safety officials in every state, including Ohio, have been on the receiving end of a strong federal push to change their drunk driving laws. At the center of recommendations has been the stated need for uniformity across the country in adjusting the current DUI threshold in every state of a 0.08 blood alcohol content (BAC) to a standard of 0.05.

Tailgating worst driving indiscretion among Ohio motorists

If you know you’re a good Ohio driver and that nothing quite disturbs you so much as seeing a vehicle rapidly pull up behind you and subsequently follow you so closely that it fully occupies your rear-view mirror, know that your fears about that driving behavior are well-grounded.

Sitcoms seen as vehicle to influence public's driving behavior

Although he says that "the mission is harder now," a man at the core of a seminal media campaign more than two decades ago doesn't see why a repeat performance, altered to better accommodate 21st century changes in the viewing audience and its habits, can't work once again.

How bad a problem is teens' texting, driving? Very bad, indeed

The above headline is, unfortunately, far from hyperbole. The sad and simple fact is that, notwithstanding the strong and persistent efforts of safety regulators, law enforcement departments, school officials and a host of other groups, teen motorists continue to text while driving.

DOT's LaHood announces new safety guidelines for averting crashes

New safety guidelines proposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation for Ohio drivers and their peers across the country will serve "to balance the innovation consumers want with the safety we all need," says DOT Secretary Ray LaHood.