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Posts tagged "car accident"

Crash-avoidance technology constantly improving, evolving

Most people -- including probably you, the reader -- think they are comparatively good drivers. Although that might or might not be true, it is nearly certain that most motorists in Ohio and elsewhere can point to someone they know who is without doubt a comparatively bad driver.

Look out for distracted drivers in Ohio this weekend

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. In one second, a car can be wrecked and people can be seriously injured. Despite the fact that many, if not all, drivers in Ohio know this, many of them take their eyes and attention of the road for several seconds just to check their phones.

Study finds more teen drivers inadequately prepared for licensure

Ohio has a graduated drivers’ licensing (GDL) program for young novice drivers that fully implements the highly endorsed recommendations of traffic safety regulators across the country, including the national AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. At its core, the program mandates driver learning through progressive stages -- in Ohio, marked learner, intermediate and full privilege -- focused heavily on minimum practice periods and requirements. Only after a young motorist has passed through all learning phases will he or she be qualified to test for and receive a driver’s license.

Consumers, Toyota settle class action sudden-speeding lawsuit

Toyota Motor Corporation continues to work its way through a veritable slog of litigation tied to the avalanche of recalls and injuries stemming from its so-called “unintended acceleration” lawsuits in the United States.

Car safety focus: hard to overstate the importance of spot welding

Many consumers might have heard the term “spot welding” before, with a large number of them unfamiliar with the welding industry perhaps thinking that it is something akin to touch-up painting. In other words, a small and isolated problem with a product or manufacturing process can be quickly attended to through a spot weld.

NHTSA: a number of mandated safety changes still being worked out

The massive and wide-ranging federal highway bill enacted by President Obama last July came with a large number of amendments and special provisions relating to road safety across the country. In particular, Congress drafted many new provisions tasking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to act within specified timeframes in matters relating to car, truck and bus safety.