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Posts tagged "workplace accidents"

OSHA under pressure to respond more purposefully to toxic air

The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) is the nation's watchdog safety agency overseeing businesses and industries across the country. Charged by a congressional mandate to promote workers' safety in Ohio and every other state through safety inspections, guidance to employers, safety rules and regulations, and punitive enforcement when necessary, OSHA has both fans and harsh critics.

Ohio BWC chief offers safety comments during National Safety Month

Workplace accidents and injuries are simply a fact of life on construction sites, in factories, on roadwork crews and in a number of work environments. Some companies simply have demonstrated safety records that underscore a lack of focus on or even due care concerning dangerous conditions or safety violations. Others admittedly do work very hard to increase workplace safety, but, notwithstanding their efforts, no work environment can ever be made totally free of risk and injury.