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Posts tagged "workers' compensation"

Workers' compensation: Many safety violations at plastics maker

The manufacturing industry exposes workers to multiple safety hazards. This was underscored by the fines of more than $250,000 that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration proposed after completing two inspections at the facility of a plastics manufacturer in Ohio. Injuries related to electrical hazards and defective industrial machines make up a significant percentage of workers' compensation claims every year.

9,927 nursing assistant workers' compensation claims in 5 years

Government statistics and researchers indicate that nursing assistants are part of one of the most hazardous profession in the country. According to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, almost 10,000 claims were filed by employees of nursing homes during the past five years. Approximately one-third of those followed injuries caused by overexertion.

Workers' compensation is there to help after workplace fatalities

The recent death of a forklift operator in a workplace accident in the Fuyao plant underscored the increased occupational fatality rate in Ohio. Although some suggest that the improved economy causes fatigue, stress and overexertion, ultimately leading to fatalities, safety authorities say compliance with regulations can prevent most workplace deaths. No family is prepared for the news of a loved one's death due to an on-the-job accident. However, their unanticipated financial burden can be eased by the workers' compensation insurance system.

Workers' compensation claim may follow fatality at glass factory

One of the primary hazards in the manufacturing and warehousing industries is the presence of forklifts. These mechanized lift trucks pose a danger to those who operate them and any other workers in the vicinity. A significant number of workers' compensation claims nationwide, including Ohio, follow forklift-related injuries, some of which prove to be fatal.

Understanding the Ohio workers' compensation system

Coping financially after suffering an injury in a work-related accident can be challenging. For this reason, employers in Ohio must carry workers' compensation insurance. This will assist employees with the financial consequences of workplace injuries while protecting the employer from having to face lawsuits for ordinary negligence filed by injured workers.

Workers' compensation: Court awards $120,000 for denied claim

Workers in Ohio who are struggling to obtain workers' comp after suffering workplace injuries may be interested in a case in another state. A court recently awarded an oil-field worker $120,000 after a seven-year fight for workers' compensation benefits that were initially denied after he suffered a brain injury. Reportedly, the man fell while working on an oil rig, and the head injuries he suffered were life-changing.

Why would an employer reject a workers' compensation claim?

Ohio employees whose employers rejected their claims for insurance benefits may have questions about their eligibility. Workers' compensation is insurance that covers workplace injuries, regardless of who was at fault. Rejections can follow if injured employees were determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, injuries that occurred during criminal activities or in violation of company policy, or those that were self-inflicted, may not be covered. Furthermore, the injury must have occurred when the employee was on duty.

Ohio workers' compensation has the back of firefighters

Firefighters in Ohio will likely be relieved after an announcement last month that funds will be made available to provide them with better protection against the health hazards they face. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has established a program to limit the exposure of the state's firefighters to various toxic elements when they are fighting fires. The program is called the Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements Grant Program.

Workers' compensation can ease the financial burden after injury

Workplace injuries can be life changing and impact both victims and their loved ones. This is underscored by the consequences of an incident in which an Ohio worker was struck by a company vehicle. Although the injured man will receive workers' compensation benefits to provide financial support, his suffering involves much more than economical hardship.

Family members may seek workers' compensation death benefits

In May, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined an auto manufacturing company $500,000 for disregarding safety regulations and allowing hazards to exist at its Ohio plant. This willful safety violation led to an amputation injury in which a worker lost his one hand and a portion of his arm. Although the victim can pursue workers' compensation benefits, his life and income potential will never be the same as before.