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Posts tagged "truck crashes"

Regulators respond to problem of trucks striking low bridges

If, while driving, you've ever thought that some bridges across roadways seem unduly low for some of the commercial trucks busily engaged in transit, your instincts are correct: With alarming frequency, big rigs do not have enough clearance to pass safely beneath bridges, and crash as a result.

Muddy shoulders cause spate of truck accidents on I-90 in NE Ohio

Here's a bit of irony that has recently been manifest on Interstate 90 in the most northeastern corner of the state near Pennsylvania: A highway repair project geared toward increasing traffic safety has quite directly led to a spate of truck accidents.

ATA progress report on trucking safety: Mixed bag, but good overall

Ohio is a major hub of interstate commercial truck traffic, with a heavy volume of trucks busily on the move at all times, and state and federal policy makers and transportation regulators are always closely tuned in to safety-related policies, debates and initiatives.

NTSB safety recommendations of relevance to Ohio, national truckers

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its annual "Most Wanted List" that features a number of upgrades it would like to see incorporated into commercial trucks. This year's wish list includes four recommendations: Eliminating Substance-Impaired Driving; Preserving the Integrity of Transportation Infrastructure; Elimination Distraction in Transportation; and Mandating Motor Vehicle Collision Avoidance Technology.