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Posts tagged "truck crash"

Trucking advocacy group, safety organization spar over crash data

There's a war of words going on, although most members of the general motoring public in Ohio and elsewhere across the country likely know little or even nothing about it.

Many motorists simply don't drive safely around large trucks

Many motorists get uneasy when driving in the presence of 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. But according to new driver safety data, the risks don't necessary lie in the commercial vehicles themselves, but rather how other cars behave around them.

Truck industry reacts to NHTSA anti-rollover proposal

New requirements for anti-rollover systems in trucks are being opposed by American truck manufacturers, saying the regulations create millions of dollars in extra expenses to implement a rollover prevention system that probably won't significantly cut down on truck crash rates.

Ohio truck driver dies in crash; actions perhaps saved others

According to an official with the Akron Police Department, the driver who died earlier this month in a truck accident after his vehicle hit a tree, flipped over and ended up submerged in the Cuyahoga River might have been a hero during the last moments of his life.

Standards protecting against "underride" accidents questioned

With the height discrepancy between semi truck trailers and cars being so great, many collisions between the two in which a car runs into the back of a truck result in the car's windshield taking the brunt of the contact.

Vehicle safety agreement between feds, automakers under scrutiny

A new federal study shows that efforts to reduce fatalities in truck accidents between cars and trucks have been successful concerning cars and sport utility vehicles. Accidents between cars and pickup trucks, however, have actually experienced an upward tick resulting in more fatalities, suggesting further safety measures need to be taken by automakers to better protect drivers in Ohio and across the rest of the country.

Major trucking groups square off on black-box recorders

Black box technology has long been used in airplanes to record key data used to determine the causes of flight malfunctions, irregularities and accidents. A new proposal included in a bill currently in front of Congress would utilize the same black boxes to log the driving hours of commercial truck drivers, and the issue has split two major organizations in the trucking industry.

Focus on truck-crash avoidance in would-be NHTSA rule

Semi-trucks pose some of the greatest rollover risks because of their height, size and relatively poor handling compared to smaller vehicles. If a proposed government regulation is passed, though, these and other large trucks will soon reap the benefits of a computer-controlled braking system that automatically identifies a potential rollover risk and manages each individual wheel to minimize the risk of such a truck accident.

U.S. DOT medical rule focused on commercial trucking safety

New safety regulations established by the U.S. Department of Transportation will require doctors and physicians who perform medical examinations of commercial vehicle drivers to pass specific qualification standards that ensure they know how to examine a driver's ability to safely operate a vehicle.

Govt. agency: New sleep apnea standards will reduce truck crashes

Overweight truck drivers will be under pressure to address their sleep apnea issues once new sleep apnea practices are implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). On the recommendation of two medical advisory boards, the FMCSA is reshaping its current policies and opening the doors to wholesale reform of its rules and regulations.