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Posts tagged "truck accident"

Commercial trucking trend: NHTSA cites age-related concerns

Commercial truck drivers are a consistent focus of federal safety regulators’ scrutiny, with probes constantly being conducted into matters ranging from their work schedules and sleep patterns to their overall health and use of log books.

Two-truck accident closes intersection in Cleveland

Semi-trucks are dangerous vehicles. Their size alone can make them hazards on the roads. Combine the size of the trucks, dense traffic and possibly fatigues drivers and truck accident might just be waiting to happen in Cleveland.

Meet Warren Greeno: A really, really good commercial truck driver

If you happen to see Wal-Mart long-distance trucker Warren Greeno driving his big rig in Ohio or elsewhere in the country, you’ll notice him. Greeno will be behind the wheel of a shiny red 18-wheeler that has his name painted on the side.

Rear-end collision turns fatal for Ohio driver hit by truck

We see commercial-sized vehicles on the road quite frequently across Cleveland as their make their way from state to state. Generally, we may not think anything of the enormous trucks that drive alongside us, carrying heavy or hazardous cargo, but the fact is that these tractor trailers can pose a serious threat to other motorists.

Ohio garbage truck runs red light, causes 5-vehicle accident

The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the chance for a destructive accident. Several people in Howland Township, Ohio, learned this for themselves recently when they were caught in a chain-reaction truck accident. Fortunately, nobody was killed; however, eight people were hurt in the accident and it is fortunate that their injuries were not more serious.

D.C. appeals court sides with feds, ends truckers' HOS challenges

We noted in a recent blog post (please see our July 2 entry) the longstanding acrimony that has existed between the commercial trucking industry in Ohio and nationally and federal regulators who enact so-called "hours of service" rules governing drivers' maximum work weeks and sleep periods.