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Posts tagged "speeding"

Many motorists simply don't drive safely around large trucks

Many motorists get uneasy when driving in the presence of 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. But according to new driver safety data, the risks don't necessary lie in the commercial vehicles themselves, but rather how other cars behave around them.

Survey says: Distracted young motorists remain a driving danger

When it comes to driver criticisms and finger pointing, no other demographic stands out as distinctly as young motorists, who, statistically, lead up virtually every category related to driving deficiency.

Opposition to Raising Ohio Turnpike Speeds due to Truck Accidents

According to recent blogs and news sources, the Ohio Turnpike Commission is attempting to increase the speed limits on the Ohio Turnpike. The Commission would like to raise the speed limit for cars and truck to 70 miles per hour from the already posted limit of 65. However, not everyone is thrilled about this idea and many believe that the number of car and truck accidents will increase on the Ohio Turnpike as a result of the proposed change.