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Posts tagged "rollover accidents"

Truck industry reacts to NHTSA anti-rollover proposal

New requirements for anti-rollover systems in trucks are being opposed by American truck manufacturers, saying the regulations create millions of dollars in extra expenses to implement a rollover prevention system that probably won't significantly cut down on truck crash rates.

Focus: Ohio Construction Zone Worker and Motorists' Accidents

Construction work is, obviously, hard work, and a construction accident in Ohio is far from a singular occurrence. The state sees non-stop activity in projects of all types from one end to the other, and the potential is always there for a fall, a scaffolding injury, a cave in, burn or other construction-related accident.

Ohio-Based Bendix Could Benefit from New Truck Crash Prevention Rule

Ohio-based Bendix Corp., a major truck-parts manufacturer, could potentially emerge as the primary beneficiary of a mandated standard on rollover- stability technology to prevent truck accidents expected to be announced after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") finishes research studies.

Rollover Semi-Truck Accident Causes Delays in Cleveland

A semi-truck rollover may delay commutes for thousands in Cleveland today due to debris after the truck rolled-over on a metro highway. According to a Fox 8 news report and the Cleveland Police Department, a semi-truck traveling westbound on Interstate 480 rolled off the road, down an embankment and onto Lee Road below. Following the accident, the driver of the semi-truck was trapped inside the rig until authorities were able to remove him from the semi-truck.

New Technology Aims to Prevent Rollovers During Truck Accidents

A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that if trucks were mandated to be equipped with stability control systems, the U.S. could prevent nearly 3,500 rollover truck accidents and save an estimated 106 lives each year. Researchers found that almost 4,400 injuries a year could be prevented by equipping commercial trucks with stability control systems. This conclusion was based on the tests of stability systems conducted with the help of researchers at the University of Michigan.