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Posts tagged "reckless driving"

Survey says: Distracted young motorists remain a driving danger

When it comes to driver criticisms and finger pointing, no other demographic stands out as distinctly as young motorists, who, statistically, lead up virtually every category related to driving deficiency.

Truck fleets turn to new computer modeling to identify crash risks

Technology has taken trucking industry safety to new levels. As a result, the industry hopes to see a reduction in truck accidents and tractor trailer crashes caused by reckless driving, making roads and freeways in Ohio and across the nation safer. For years, computers, GPS trackers and devices that monitor driver communications have provided information about truck fleets, drivers' practices and conditions surrounding accidents. Enhancements of these tools give fleet managers new ways to find out what's happening in their vehicles in real time. New innovations enable managers to offer real-time corrective advice to drivers before accidents happen.