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Posts tagged "motorcycle helmets"

State patrolman slams into Beavercreek motorcycle without slowing

A shocking dashcam video has been released showing an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper apparently not slowing down at all before slamming his cruiser into a motorcycle, seriously injuring the couple who was riding it. The motorcycle accident occurred on Aug. 17 on westbound U.S. 35, but the video was not immediately released because the Greene County prosecutor wanted a grand jury to see it before the public.

New Study Strongly Supports a Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Law

For many years, critics of motorcycle helmets have cited a decades-old study to support their view that riders and passengers in motorcycle accidents suffer a comparatively higher rate of spine injuries when they crash while wearing a helmet. Their reasoning centers on data suggesting that a helmet's weight unduly pressures the neck in an accident, which can result in severe damage to the spine.