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Posts tagged "motorcycle crashes"

GAO: States' strategies for motorcycle safety need to be improved

As we have noted in a few select posts addressing motorcycle accident and safety issues, Ohio is not among the strong minority of states that imposes a universal helmet requirement on riders and passengers traveling inside the state.

A problematic nexus: Returning combat vets and motorcycle accidents

Here's something that some psychologists and therapists who work with veterans returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan say should command more attention than it is currently receiving: the driving behavior of many service members back from deployments, especially where motorcycles are involved.

Police: Education helps cut Fairfield County motorcycle crashes

Saying that, "The love overshadows the crash," a longtime Harley Davidson dealer in Carroll, a small town in Fairfield County, continues to extol the virtues and sheer thrills of riding a motorcycle despite a serious injury sustained in a motorcycle accident decades ago.

Ohio counties report uptick in fatal motorcycle accidents in 2012

According to officials from multiple Ohio counties, their locales are experiencing a troubling uptick in motorcycle accidents this riding season, and the rise in more than just a bit discernible.

Spring is here: A reminder for motorcycle safety, awareness in Ohio

With spring having just arrived, and the weather being unseasonably warm quite early this year throughout much of Ohio, it is hardly a surprise that motorcyclists -- an avid group to begin with -- are already out in force on many state roads and highways.