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Posts tagged "motorcycle accidents"

State patrolman slams into Beavercreek motorcycle without slowing

A shocking dashcam video has been released showing an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper apparently not slowing down at all before slamming his cruiser into a motorcycle, seriously injuring the couple who was riding it. The motorcycle accident occurred on Aug. 17 on westbound U.S. 35, but the video was not immediately released because the Greene County prosecutor wanted a grand jury to see it before the public.

Study: motorcycles' small size confuses your eyes, so be careful

We've all seen the bumper stickers that read "Start Seeing Motorcycles," but a new study by a psychologist at Texas Tech University could mean the slogan should be modified just a bit. If we want to make progress on preventing motorcycle accidents, maybe we should change that to "Start Seeing Motorcycles and Then Slow Down"?

OSU construction zones, projects pose campus safety challenges

The Ohio State University campus is always a busy and frenetic place, with thousands of people on the move and engaged in myriad activities within a limited -- though sprawling -- area.

Ohio counties report uptick in fatal motorcycle accidents in 2012

According to officials from multiple Ohio counties, their locales are experiencing a troubling uptick in motorcycle accidents this riding season, and the rise in more than just a bit discernible.

Spring is here: A reminder for motorcycle safety, awareness in Ohio

With spring having just arrived, and the weather being unseasonably warm quite early this year throughout much of Ohio, it is hardly a surprise that motorcyclists -- an avid group to begin with -- are already out in force on many state roads and highways.

Wave of Motorcycle Crashes Across Ohio Concerns Authorities

We noted for readers in a previous blog post (May 31) some of the stark statistics related to motorcycle accidents in Ohio. Between 2008 and 2010, for example, more than 11,000 motorcyclists were injured on state roads, which seems a flatly remarkable number. Moreover, well more than 500 of those riders died as a result of their crashes.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Trial Concludes

In July 2008, an Ohio teenage girl was a passenger on a motorcycle that witnesses say was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic near Shadyside, Ohio. When a vehicle pulled in front of the bike, the driver was unable to avoid a collision, and both the driver and passenger were ejected in the motorcycle accident that resulted. A few weeks following the collision, the passenger died from her injuries.

An Annual Summer Concern in Ohio: Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

Although today marks the last day of the National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month campaign, the Ohio Highway Patrol is urging all motorists to keep the initiative's themes and safety reminders centrally in mind, especially with the summer months approaching.