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Posts tagged "motorcycle accident"

Driver cuts off motorcycle, 2 riders injured in Ohio

Drivers accept major responsibilities every time they get behind the wheel. Even if a person has many years of driving experience, they should never forget the importance of paying attention at all times. If person is distracted -- even for a few moments -- they could cause an accident.

More data to undercut critics of mandatory helmet laws for bikers

Until last year, neighboring Michigan had a universal motorcycle helmet law. Then, caving in to various interests, legislators repealed that legislation of more than 40 years and replaced it with a requirement that only riders under 21 be required to wear a helmet.

Motorcycle Awareness Month: Organization issues annual reminder

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) was founded in 1924 and is the now the world's largest motorcycling advocacy group in the world. The association has more than 300,000 members and a motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickering, near Columbus.

GAO: States' strategies for motorcycle safety need to be improved

As we have noted in a few select posts addressing motorcycle accident and safety issues, Ohio is not among the strong minority of states that imposes a universal helmet requirement on riders and passengers traveling inside the state.

A problematic nexus: Returning combat vets and motorcycle accidents

Here's something that some psychologists and therapists who work with veterans returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan say should command more attention than it is currently receiving: the driving behavior of many service members back from deployments, especially where motorcycles are involved.

Police: Education helps cut Fairfield County motorcycle crashes

Saying that, "The love overshadows the crash," a longtime Harley Davidson dealer in Carroll, a small town in Fairfield County, continues to extol the virtues and sheer thrills of riding a motorcycle despite a serious injury sustained in a motorcycle accident decades ago.

Videotape emerging as investigatory tool in vehicle/bike crashes

In the heat of a car accident or near-accident, many bicyclists are too frazzled and concerned about their safety to take the time to memorize vehicle license plates or other identifying features of vehicles. But even as some bicyclists continue to struggle to receive the respect they deserve on public roadways, an inventive tool is helping them defend their right-of-way.

Motorcycle awareness and safety in strong focus in Ohio

The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and other traffic-safety agencies and advocates always maintain a consistent and sober message regarding motorcycle safety on state roadways, but the plea is even a bit more urgent this month, with May being National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.