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Posts tagged "motor vehicle fatality rate"

Rural car crashes a sobering concern for Ohio traffic officials

Ohio State Highway Patrol ("OSHP") statistics indicate that close to half of all fatal car accidents that have occurred so far this year within a five-county region of the state -- Montgomery, Miami, Greene, Butler and Warren -- took place in rural areas. There have been 60 fatal crashes within the region, with 28 occurring on non-interstate roads. Last year, 54 of 96 traffic fatalities that occurred in the Miami valley were on rural roadways.

AAP to Parents: Keep Young Kids in Rear-Facing Seats Longer

In the realm of deadly car accidents involving infants, the last word would seemingly end with Sweden: The country requires that children sit in the back seats of vehicles in age-appropriate seats that face the rear, with the result that it has the lowest motor vehicle fatality rate in the world involving accidents with kids under the age of six.