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Posts tagged "motor vehicle crashes"

In ranking states' car safety laws, Ohio is about a "C"

A recent release of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 2012 brought the largest increase in traffic fatalities seen since 1975. This alarming trend brings an abrupt end to a decade-long decline in deaths resulting from car accidents and leads some to wonder whether lawmakers have put traffic safety programs on auto-pilot.State and local governments regulate traffic safety for the most part, so fatality statistics vary by state. The non-profit Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety recommends that all states adopt, at a minimum, 15 standard laws that have been proven to reduce motor vehicle crashes.

OSHP solicits aid of commercial truckers to improve road safety

Officials from the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and other state law-enforcement agencies duly note that they are always seeking to improve road safety in the state by reducing car accidents and other motor vehicle crashes and collisions.

Ohio winter and car accidents: Preparation tips for motorists

The prescription for avoiding a car accident during the winter months in Ohio is fairly straightforward and the same one motorists hear every year: Be prepared for the unexpected and ensure that your vehicle is ready for the upcoming inclement weather.