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Posts tagged "motor vehicle crash"

Buyer beware: What you might not know about some cars being sold

Consumer beware: Your recent car purchase may be harboring some neglected recalls. A new study completed by the vehicle-history website Carfax has found that more than two million vehicles were put up for sale online in 2012 despite featuring unrepaired safety recalls. Since plenty of cars are sold offline, though, the actual figures in Ohio and across the country could be much higher.

Evolving anti-crash technology: Double-edged sword?

The widely accepted notion about new safety features and vehicle enhancements is that they are drastically improving driver and passenger safety. And there's plenty of evidence to suggest that: Safety advancements such as anti-lane drift technology, rear-view cameras, emergency brake assists and others have been designed in hopes of preventing thousands of car accidents every year.

New NHTSA rule creates info uniformity for vehicle black boxes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) enacted a new rule effective September 1 that requires black box technology in vehicles to record uniform data in a variety of categories, including the types of data captured, the accuracy of the information and the ability for the box to survive a car crash.