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Posts tagged "excavation accidents"

OSHA Action against Ohio Excavation Co. for Trench Collapse Death

The most serious safety citation that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") issues for dangerous workplace conduct or conditions is a "willful violation." OSHA deems that an employer cited for a willful violation either knew or should reasonably have known that a hazardous condition existed that would likely result in the death or injury of a worker and, nonetheless, took no remedial action to eliminate the hazard. The most commonly cited willful violation relates to an employer's acts or omissions that directly contribute to excavation accidents.

Ohio OSHA Fines Construction Co. for Excavation Cave-in Hazards

Saying that a Michigan construction company was "inviting tragedy on the job" by failing to safely protect employees from excavation accidents while they were working on a construction project in Toledo, an Ohio Department of Labor spokesperson announced penalties of $54,600 against the company.