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Posts tagged "drunk driving"

Ohio prom season approaching: Enforcement campaign targets teens

Never heard of the Ohio Investigative Unit (OIU)? Chances are that most Ohioans haven't, although a number of state teens and other young people might be gaining some close-up familiarity with that body within the next couple months.

Gaining traction: DUI court programs for repeat offenders

Ohio and a host of other states have DUI courts, and that instrument for addressing problem drinking and the heavy toll that drunk drivers exact in serious and often fatal car accidents is a growing phenomenon that is steadily gaining traction in jurisdictions across the country.

In Ohio and nationally, adults weigh in on underage drinking

The legal minimum drinking age has been a continued subject of debate in Ohio and across the country, with some feeling the minimum age is too restrictive and others believing that the drinking restrictions play an important role in reducing the rate of car accidents and other problems resulting from underage drinking.

'Tis the season to be wary: Ohio's winter weather, holidays

This time of year in Ohio, weather and winter driving are invariably in the news in some fashion. Stories range from reports on driving conditions that are especially conducive to car accidents and other motor vehicle mishaps to the roll out of annual drunk driving campaigns, and from safety reminders concerning winter vehicle maintenance to the need for motorists to watch for deer.