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Posts tagged "distracted driving"

Think you are immune to distracted driving?

Ohio has a strong distracted driving campaign: "Look up, hang up, and go slow for the cone zone." The Ohio Department of Public Safety reports that 80 percent of Americans believe hands-free devices are safer than handheld phones, but the research does not prove that. In addition, the problem of distracted driving is not limited to just cell phones or electronic devices. If you think you are immune from distracted driving, consider the following.

Survey: Teen passengers with teen drivers not always a bad thing

The longstanding belief has been that, the more teenagers stuffed into a car, the higher the risk of that car becoming involved in a car accident. A new survey is challenging this assumption, though, suggesting instead that the presence of other teens in a vehicle can deter the driver from using his or her cell phone and otherwise being distracted while driving

Ohio accident solicits comments regarding distracted drivers

When queried by newspaper reporters following a vehicle crash in a small town in the south central region of Ohio, motorists, tow truck drivers, road construction workers and emergency responders readily stated what is an increasingly prevalent view in Ohio and elsewhere throughout the country: Distracted driving is routinely the direct cause of car accidents, it is ever-present on roadways, and knowing how common it is makes them fearful when they are out on the road.