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Posts tagged "commercial truck accidents"

NTSB: Cell phone use major factor in deadly truck accident

Due to a recent federal investigation into a commercial truck accident that caused the death of 11 people, truck drivers may no longer have use of their cell phones while on the job except in the case of an emergency. In a 2010 accident in Kentucky, a commercial truck collided with a passenger van carrying 15 people. Ten of the van occupants died, as did the truck driver.

Regulators: FMCSA Rating System Reduces Commercial Truck Crashes

Concerned with reducing the number and severity of commercial truck accidents, and seeking to more closely regulate truckers generally, Congress enacted the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 to deregulate the trucking industry.

Truck Accidents Focus of National Safety Meeting

A tragic truck accident that occurred in 2009 on an interstate highway in Oklahoma is serving as a strong catalyst to promote frank and wide-ranging discussions among safety advocates and regulators and the truck industry regarding industry rules and recent recommendations.

Ohio Man Killed in Fatal Commercial Truck Accident

A 56-year-old Ohio man died from injuries sustained when his semi truck overturned on early Thursday morning. According to sheriff's deputies, the truck driver was traveling on I-75 around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday when his tractor-trailer veered off the roadway, went over a ravine and flipped on its side.

Yet Another Truck Accident on Frequent Ohio 550 Crash Site

Most highways have that one particular spot of the road that is more susceptible to accidents. It doesn't matter how well-known the tight curve or treacherous stretch is, it still manages to be a frequent crash site. That particular stretch of Ohio 550 - outside Marietta, Ohio, near Goodfellows Park Lake - once again found itself the site of a truck accident last week.

Two men injured after truck accident on Ohio 129

Two men were injured in a truck accident on Ohio 129 on Sunday morning, according to new reports. The two men were injured when a truck delivering furniture hit an unoccupied vehicle. Reports detail that the driver of the delivery truck was headed westbound about 2 miles west of Interstate 75 when he struck a disabled Chevrolet Astro Van. The truck then hit a retaining wall and briefly caught fire at approximately 10:25 a.m. on Sunday. West Chester Twp. fire crews were able to extinguish the small fire following the crash.

Infant critically injured in hit-and-run truck accident

According to local news reports, an infant was critically injured in a hit-and-run truck accident in Dayton over the weekend. Reports detail that an 11-month-old baby is currently in critical condition after the truck accident. The truck accident occurred at Harvard and Philadelphia, when the driver of a semi truck noticed a police cruiser was following the truck which led the driver to take off.

Fatal Ohio Truck Accident Kills One on U.S. 20

According to local news reports, the Ohio Highway Patrol was called to the scene of a fatal truck accident in Woodville around 3:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning near U.S. 20 near Lime Road. Ohio Highway Patrol detail that the fatal truck accident involved a pickup truck and a semi truck. Local reports expressed that the accident occurred when a 27-year-old motorist driving a Chevy Avalanche crossed over the center line of the highway while traveling west of U.S. 20. As a result, the Avalanche struck an oncoming semi, head-on. The man driving the Chevy truck was pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining fatal injuries in the truck accident.

Truck Accident Injures One in Ohio

According to recent Ohio news reports, a section of State Route 148 was shut down on Saturday following a truck accident that sent one man to the hospital and left crews scrambling to clear debris from the roadway. The truck accident occurred when a car slammed into a semi-truck which caused police to shut down one lane of traffic on State Route 148 in Powhatan Point Saturday. Reports detail that the truck accident occurred around 10 a.m. at the intersection of State Route 148 and County Road 5.