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Posts tagged "car crashes"

Gaining traction: DUI court programs for repeat offenders

Ohio and a host of other states have DUI courts, and that instrument for addressing problem drinking and the heavy toll that drunk drivers exact in serious and often fatal car accidents is a growing phenomenon that is steadily gaining traction in jurisdictions across the country.

Ohio Toyota owners part of landmark class action settlement

Toyota Motor Corp has closed the largest remaining chapter in a lengthy saga following a number of reported vehicle defects and recalls. To address the mass of potential claims attached to roughly 16 million Toyota vehicles throughout the United States, including in Ohio, the Japanese automaker has agreed to a settlement of $1.1 billion dollars.

Of note to Ohio 2013 Ford Escape owners: dual recalls

Ford's new Escape model SUV has been hit with a second recall since its release last month, this time amid concerns that weak fuel lines can crack and spill gasoline, creating potentially deadly engine fires and spiking car accident risks. The recall only applies to Escapes with 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engines.

Report: These cars and trucks most dangerous in America

A comprehensive study released by an equity investor information website identified the most dangerous vehicles on the road and those most likely to be involved in a car accident. The research company, 24/7, provides analysis to global investors. The study was conducted to identify problematic American vehicles.

Pedal to the metal: Probe reveals some cops drive just too fast

It's well known that drivers who speed are responsible for far too many car accidents on our nation's highways. What isn't as well known is that some of these motorists traveling too fast are police officers.CBS News recently reported on an investigation by the Sun-Sentinel newspaper in Florida that found nearly 800 police officers from 12 Florida agencies who drove between 90 to 130 miles per hour on state highways.

In Ohio and nationally, more older drivers on the road

A clear case of driver negligence that has been reported widely in the media took the lives of two people in Iowa last year and could easily have resulted in far worse consequences for two others. The story has been raised often nationally to illustrate the growing concerns that safety officials and law enforcement agencies across the country -- including in Ohio -- are expressing regarding aged drivers and car accidents.