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Think you are immune to distracted driving?

Ohio has a strong distracted driving campaign: "Look up, hang up, and go slow for the cone zone." The Ohio Department of Public Safety reports that 80 percent of Americans believe hands-free devices are safer than handheld phones, but the research does not prove that. In addition, the problem of distracted driving is not limited to just cell phones or electronic devices. If you think you are immune from distracted driving, consider the following.

Spring driving dangers and how to avoid them

The groundhog may have claimed that there are six weeks left of winter, but spring will come faster than you anticipate. As the snow melts and the temperatures warm up, you deal with unique driving conditions that may cause accidents. Every time the season changes, you are forced to adapt your driving to deal with the newest danger. You can help avoid being involved in or causing accidents if you are prepared for common spring driving dangers and the best ways to avoid them.

Who pays for damages from a car accident on the job?

There are a lot of professional drivers and many others who drive for work even if it is not in their job description. Office managers have to run to the office supply store to pick up paper, interns drive to get their boss a latte, and store managers run a daily deposit to the bank. It is common for car accidents to happen while people are on the clock. If you get in a car accident while working then you might be covered in a few ways.

Educational efforts aimed at distracted driving are unflagging

Do classes on distracted driving, well, really drive home the point that behaviors such as texting and talking on phones while behind the wheel are as dangerous as driving drunk -- and sometimes more deadly -- and truly need to be stopped?

Fatal Ohio Thanksgiving Day crash attributed to excessive speed

The patrol vehicles used by troopers of the Ohio Highway Patrol can reportedly travel at speeds topping out at about 130 miles per hour. Last week, on Thanksgiving evening, a car was moving so fast on the Ohio Turnpike southeast of Toledo that an OHP sergeant says he couldn’t even get close to it.

Ohio YouTube fatal DUI case confession: sentence handed down

A 61-year-old Ohio man was killed by a drunk driver on June 22 of this year in Columbus. Slightly more than two months later, on September 3, the 22-year-old driver who was arrested in the case confessed to the DUI charge and wrong-way car accident on a YouTube video. Matthew Cordle then formally surrendered to authorities.

Columbus: Police chase of robbery suspect yields tragic accident

There is no way to soften or finesse a news report commanding public interest that is of a truly tragic nature. That is certainly the case involving the details of a car accident that occurred early last Friday just northwest of Columbus. Six people died in the crash, with a police officer also being injured.