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Posts tagged "National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)"

NTSB: Cell phone use major factor in deadly truck accident

Due to a recent federal investigation into a commercial truck accident that caused the death of 11 people, truck drivers may no longer have use of their cell phones while on the job except in the case of an emergency. In a 2010 accident in Kentucky, a commercial truck collided with a passenger van carrying 15 people. Ten of the van occupants died, as did the truck driver.

Focus: Fatigue Among Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers

In a May 19 blog post, we informed readers that the National Transportation Safety Board ("NTSB") was pushing employers with drivers of large commercial vehicles to install on-board devices that automatically record how much time a driver spends behind the wheel.

Truck Accidents Focus of National Safety Meeting

A tragic truck accident that occurred in 2009 on an interstate highway in Oklahoma is serving as a strong catalyst to promote frank and wide-ranging discussions among safety advocates and regulators and the truck industry regarding industry rules and recent recommendations.