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Posts tagged "NHTSA"

Volvo invents first air bag for pedestrians struck by cars

An engineer from Swedish auto maker Volvo first came up with the idea of the 3-point seat belt, the integrated lap and shoulder harness now standard in all vehicles. Now the company is focused on mass production of the world's first pedestrian air bag, designed to deploy on the outside of a vehicle within a second of sensors noting contact with a human leg.

"Under-ride" crashes persistent concern in Ohio, nationally

"This is not rocket science, and it's obviously not cost prohibitive," says Adrian Lund, the president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). He adds: "And we know how to fix this."

Momentum toward accident-reducing car cameras temporarily stalled

Saying that the U.S. Department of Transportation has "made significant progress" toward developing a final rule regarding the installation of rearview cameras on all passenger vehicles , Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood once again delayed the final deadline scheduled for the new law to go into effect.

NHTSA: Car accident risks from distracted drivers increasing

If you think more and more people are using their cell phones while driving, you're right: They are. A recent federal study reported that one in every 20 drivers on the road is holding a cell phone to his or her ear while operating a motor vehicle, and one in every 100 drivers can be seen using a text-messaging or other digital device.