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Posts tagged "Insurance Institute for Highway Safety"

"Under-ride" crashes persistent concern in Ohio, nationally

"This is not rocket science, and it's obviously not cost prohibitive," says Adrian Lund, the president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). He adds: "And we know how to fix this."

Small Car Crash Test Results: Manufacturers are Stepping Up

David Zuby, chief research officer for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ("IIHS"), notes that "the laws of physics always are in effect for cars." Given that scientific immutability, and all else being equal, a driver and his or her passengers will always fare better in a car accident if they are riding in a larger as opposed to a smaller vehicle.

Improving Outcomes for Car Drivers in Rear-End Truck Collisions

Car safety has progressively improved upon many fronts over the past decades, from the advent of seat belts to greater stability and rollover-prevention features. Collectively, the increased safety features have contributed to saving many thousands - if not millions - of motorists' lives across the country.