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Posts tagged "FMCSA"

Regulators respond to problem of trucks striking low bridges

If, while driving, you've ever thought that some bridges across roadways seem unduly low for some of the commercial trucks busily engaged in transit, your instincts are correct: With alarming frequency, big rigs do not have enough clearance to pass safely beneath bridges, and crash as a result.

Spurred by truck crash data, feds issue new sleep rules for drivers

Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had said it might limit trucking hours of service to a 10-hour daily driving limit, the FMCSA instead let stand in a new rule the existing limit of 11 hours per shift. A fatigued driver is more likely to be involved in a truck accident, so driving at least 3 hours beyond a driver's shift is considered an egregious violation that triggers the maximum civil penalties under the new rule.

Truck accident issue: electronic recorders focus of court ruling

Overly fatigued commercial truck drivers are routinely involved in truck accidents that bring serious -- and often fatal -- consequences across the country, including Ohio.

Regulators: FMCSA Rating System Reduces Commercial Truck Crashes

Concerned with reducing the number and severity of commercial truck accidents, and seeking to more closely regulate truckers generally, Congress enacted the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 to deregulate the trucking industry.