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Posts tagged "truck drivers"

An Ohio and national concern: sleep apnea in the trucking industry

The interstate highways and state roads splayed across Ohio serve as major arteries for commercial truckers transporting goods both within and beyond the state. Numerous studies and statistics indicate that the volume of Ohio truck traffic is greater than that of many other states.

Ohio Farmers, Others React to Fed Proposal on Farm Driving

Ohio farmers and their counterparts throughout the rest of the country don't think that their kids' occasional operation of trucks, tractors and other agricultural equipment is even a negligible contributor to truck accidents on highways and rural roads. Given that viewpoint, their attitude toward a federal proposal suggesting that farmers driving while engaged in agricultural activities should be regulated similarly to commercial truck drivers is predictable.

Driver in Critical Condition after Multi-Truck Accident

Recent news reports detail that a truck driver remains in critical condition following a multi-truck accident on Interstate 95 South. A 59-year-old tractor-trailer driver, from Williamsburg, New Jersey, was critically injured while driving a rig carrying cranberries when his rig rear-ended a flatbed tractor-trailer that was stopped for traffic half a mile south of Exit 74 around 7:14 p.m. As a result of the initial collision, the second truck was forced into a box truck stopped in front of it.

Truck Driver Sentenced in Ohio Truck Accident Case

A Chicago, Ill., truck driver was recently sentenced to serve 30 days in jail and pay a fine in connection with a truck accident that killed four people riding on a special needs bus during a snowstorm in Ohio. According to the Springfield News-Sun, a 60-year-old truck driver was sentenced on Wednesday following a court hearing. During the hearing, the man apologized to the families of the victims as the judge handed down his sentence. The judge sentenced the man after hearing the facts regarding a January truck accident that killed a bus driver and three special needs adults on Interstate 70 near Springfield.

Ohio Driver Killed in I-480 Truck Accident

A recent truck accident on Ohio Interstate 480 killed an Ohio-based truck driver last Tuesday. The truck driver was pronounced died by the Cuyahoga County Coroner's office after the semi-truck he was driving was forced off the road by another motorist. The truck driver was pronounced dead following the crash.