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Posts tagged "car accidents"

Car accidents involving big rigs are usually devastating

Road construction work on Interstate 280 in Ohio led to traffic congestion in the Lake Township area on a recent Friday afternoon. These are the perfect conditions for serious car accidents, especially when an inattentive big rig driver joins the queue. According to the Ohio Highway Patrol, a 28-year-old big rig driver out of another state failed to slow down as he approached backed up southbound traffic shortly after 3:30 p.m.

Car accidents involving big rigs can have crushing consequences

Injuries suffered in collisions can cause long-term health problems. Car accidents that involve big rigs typically cause severe or even fatal injuries. One such a crash in Ohio recently claimed two lives and caused injuries to a semi driver.

Car accidents: Suspected drunk driver causes infant's death

Getting into a vehicle with a driver who might be impaired by alcohol or drugs is a chance not worth taking. Too many lives are lost in car accidents that are caused by drunk drivers. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash on State Route 73 in Washington Township. An incident report indicates that the accident happened shortly after 7 p.m. on a recent Tuesday.

Car accidents: SUV rollover sends 3 injured victims to hospital

As expected, Ohio highways were extremely busy over the Memorial Day weekend. Multiple car accidents happened across the state, many of which caused severe injuries. Some were fatal. Three injured victims were rushed to hospitals after a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 76.

How can wrong-way car accidents be avoided?

The National Transportation Safety Board says an average of 360 people nationwide lose their lives in collisions that are caused by wrong-way drivers every year. Head-on collisions are likely the most feared type of car accidents in Ohio because they are so likely to cause death or catastrophic injuries. Keeping certain precautions in mind might help someone who encounters a wrong-way driver.

Car accidents: 5 Teens ejected when car rolls, 15-year-old dies

Losing the life of a teenager is devastating for a family and often for an entire community. Sadly, fatal car accidents involving teenagers happen frequently in Ohio. Union County police are investigating a single-vehicle crash that claimed the life of a 15-year old boy on a recent Friday evening.

Car accidents: Ohio cheerleader dies when car leaves roadway

Auto crashes are said to be the cause of a significant percentage of teenage deaths. Along with inexperience, the new-found freedom may lead to speeding, and in some cases, alcohol plays a role when car accidents claim young lives. A community in Ohio is still reeling after the tragic death of a 15-year-old cheerleader.

Car accidents: Driver crashes into oncoming emergency vehicle

When drivers do not know how to act when emergency vehicles such as ambulances approach, confusion can lead to chaos. Drivers must create safe passage for emergency vehicles through traffic, and negligence can cause multi-car accidents that could have devastating consequences. Several people suffered injuries of unknown severity when such a crash occurred in Warren County on a recent Friday.

Car accidents: Single-car crash kills driver and 1 passenger

Drivers in Ohio are always at an increased risk during this time of the year when roads can be slick from being covered with ice. Such conditions could even be challenging for experienced drivers, and teenage drivers may be caught unaware if they encounter slippery patches. Sadly, car accidents caused by ice covered roads often lead to fatalities.

Car accidents: Alcohol use suspected in crash on Jan. 1

New Year's Eve is known to be a time for celebrations, often including alcohol. While some partygoers arrange for designated drivers or other transport after consuming alcohol, others put their own lives and the lives of passengers on the line by insisting on driving. Sadly, many tragic car accidents happen on New Year's Day. The Ohio Highway Patrol reported that impaired driving was likely involved in an accident that occurred on the morning of Jan. 1.