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Nursing home patients and hospitalization

Elderly patients that live in long-term care facilities in Ohio sometimes require treatment in hospitals. When nursing home patients are transferred to and from hospitals frequently, they are exposed to a high risk of serious harm from medical errors. According to a 2014 study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 25…

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Hyland’s halts sales of teething tablets after FDA warning

Ohio parents with teething children will have to look for alternatives to Hyland’s teething tablets and gel. The Food and Drug Administration has sent out a warning that the products should not be used. The federal agency made the decision after investigating 10 deaths of children as well as 400 worrisome events. The manufacturer…

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Landlord considerations for firearms liability

Incidents with guns routinely make the headlines. Sometimes, mass shootings and similar incidents are intentional. More often, however, firearms injuries stem from accidents. In a time when every state has concealed carry laws, a commercial landlord or business owner in Ohio may need to be more aware of what might happen if an incident…

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Lying about mistakes may be prevalent in malpractice cases

Ohio patients likely know that medical mistakes that lead to life-impacting complications can occur. In some cases, patients who have evidence that malpractice has occurred take their case to court. One former doctor who acted as an expert witness in a medical malpractice case later admitted that he lied in the negligent doctor’s favor….

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