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August 2013 Archives

Look out for distracted drivers in Ohio this weekend

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. In one second, a car can be wrecked and people can be seriously injured. Despite the fact that many, if not all, drivers in Ohio know this, many of them take their eyes and attention of the road for several seconds just to check their phones.

Are workplaces safer, or are employees scared to report injuries?

The question posed in this blog title is being earnestly debated by advocates on both sides of the argument. On-the-job injuries noted by the federal government have dropped discernibly over the past 10 years, but not everyone in Ohio and elsewhere with a close interest in workplace safety believes that the downward spike is a positive development.

Ohio garbage truck runs red light, causes 5-vehicle accident

The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the chance for a destructive accident. Several people in Howland Township, Ohio, learned this for themselves recently when they were caught in a chain-reaction truck accident. Fortunately, nobody was killed; however, eight people were hurt in the accident and it is fortunate that their injuries were not more serious.

D.C. appeals court sides with feds, ends truckers' HOS challenges

We noted in a recent blog post (please see our July 2 entry) the longstanding acrimony that has existed between the commercial trucking industry in Ohio and nationally and federal regulators who enact so-called "hours of service" rules governing drivers' maximum work weeks and sleep periods.

Dangerous children's toy recalled due to ingestion hazard

Most parents of school-aged children are careful to pay attention to any potential dangers that their kids might be exposed to. But while the kids are out of school for the summer, Ohio parents may not have as much time to stay connected to the latest news on television and the internet.

Study finds more teen drivers inadequately prepared for licensure

Ohio has a graduated drivers’ licensing (GDL) program for young novice drivers that fully implements the highly endorsed recommendations of traffic safety regulators across the country, including the national AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. At its core, the program mandates driver learning through progressive stages -- in Ohio, marked learner, intermediate and full privilege -- focused heavily on minimum practice periods and requirements. Only after a young motorist has passed through all learning phases will he or she be qualified to test for and receive a driver’s license.