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November 2011 Archives

Chevy's electric car Volt: An increased fire risk?

The government recently initiated a series of investigations to test whether the batteries used in Chevy's new electric car, the Volt, were capable of catching fire following a car accident. The investigations began after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) learned that a Volt battery caught fire while being stored in the parking lot of a testing facility. According to reports, the fire was so severe that it caused several other vehicles that were parked nearby to catch fire as well.

Ohio Gov.: Labor, management must negotiate workers' comp reforms

Republican lawmakers in Ohio and organized labor interests in the state have historically been at loggerheads over system reforms and proposed changes to Ohio's workers' compensation program.

Toyota recall announced: this time, steering defect

Toyota recently announced that it has discovered a problem in the power steering systems of many Toyota vehicles. Since a power system defect greatly increases the chances of a car accident, Toyota has recalled well more than half a million vehicles.

Are tired motorists as dangerous as drunk drivers?

A recent story in USA Today highlights the surprising answer: Drowsy driving can be just as deadly as drunk or drugged driving.According to statistics provided by the AAA Foundation, drowsy drivers are involved in one of every six deadly car accidents and one in eight resulting in serious injuries.

Ohio winter and car accidents: Preparation tips for motorists

The prescription for avoiding a car accident during the winter months in Ohio is fairly straightforward and the same one motorists hear every year: Be prepared for the unexpected and ensure that your vehicle is ready for the upcoming inclement weather.

OSHA works to improve internal tracking of fatal worker accidents

Construction and industrial enterprises are not deemed equal, at least in the estimation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which tags some of them "model workplaces" that qualify for exemptions and comparatively special treatment pursuant to the agency's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

The link between car crashes and traffic snarls in Ohio, elsewhere

The number of car accidents rises as traffic congestion increases and, following the souring 2008 economy and its lingering aftereffects that have kept more people home in recent years, motorists are once again venturing out in higher numbers on the road. That assessment comes from Bevi Powell, an East Central spokesperson for the AAA auto group.

Ohio anti-texting bill in light of new voice-activated technologies

The precisely worded laws in the various states that apply to texting while driving will likely be under close scrutiny and reconsideration following the recent advent of technologies that allow for voice-activated texting commands.