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Infant critically injured in hit-and-run truck accident

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2011 | Car Accidents |

According to local news reports, an infant was critically injured in a hit-and-run truck accident in Dayton over the weekend. Reports detail that an 11-month-old baby is currently in critical condition after the truck accident. The truck accident occurred at Harvard and Philadelphia, when the driver of a semi truck noticed a police cruiser was following the truck which led the driver to take off.

Reports expressed that the truck accident was caused when the driver of a semi truck ran a stop sign and struck a vehicle with a woman and child inside the car. The driver of the semi ran the stop sign after he saw that a police cruiser pulled up behind his rig. Following the truck accident, the driver attempted to jump down from his rig and run from police on foot. The man did not get far before authorities arrested the man.

Due to the force of the collision, the motor vehicle was split into two parts in the crash. Following the accident, the baby was transported to Children’s Medical Center and was admitted in critical condition. The female driver in the vehicle was taken to Miami Valley Hospital and was listed in serious condition following the incident.

Police found criminal activity when they searched the rig and police plan to charge the man with drug counts and charges related to the truck accident.

Source: WDTN “Infant injured in hit and run accident” 2/14/2011


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