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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Construction workers' accidents: Life lost at building site

Workers on construction sites in Ohio will always be at risk of suffering life-threatening injuries. However, construction workers' accidents can be limited by compliance with the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unfortunately, not all construction company owners encourage practicing workplace safety because, for them, profits might be more important than the lives of their employees.

Construction workers' accidents: 2 injured in work zone crash

Working in road construction zones in Ohio and other states is often life-threatening. Not only are the employees exposed to the dangerous road construction equipment, but their lives are also threatened by negligent drivers who pass through. Many lives have been lost and severe injuries suffered in construction workers' accidents on the country's highways.

Lightning can claim lives in construction workers' accidents

The lives of construction workers in Ohio are threatened by much more than the risk of falling from heights. Every year some fatal construction workers' accidents involve lightning. Even though lightning can sometimes be anticipated, it can strike anywhere. One person was killed and a second one suffered injuries when lightning struck at a construction site in another state on June 27.

Construction workers' accidents: I-beam kills 34-year-old worker

Saying goodbye to a loved one who leaves for work, never to see him or her again, is an indescribable tragedy. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence -- especially for families who have loved ones working in the construction industry. Fatal construction workers' accidents leave far too many Ohio families without a breadwinner.

Construction workers' accidents: 25-foot fall seriously injures 2

One of the primary safety hazards on construction sites in Ohio and other states is fall accidents. However, many employers continue to disregard federal safety regulations. Many construction workers' accidents with devastating consequences occur because of unsafe scaffolding structures and a lack of fall protection.

Construction workers' accidents: Falls top of violations list

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, this year's list of occupational safety violations is topped by falls, with almost 7,000 breaches reported. Although they can occur in any workplace environment, most fall injuries and fatalities involve construction workers' accidents. OSHA issued one of the highest fines issued for such violations in November. An Ohio-based roofing company was assessed almost $308,000 for its failure to provide roofing workers with fall protection.